CM Punk Calls Out ‘Sexual Assault’ Lawsuit

CM Punk has reacted to a huge indy wrestling drama, after reacting to an AEW Revolution epic fail. Many wrestlers were called out for sexual misconduct and assault during the #SpeakingOut movement that took the pro wrestling world by storm last year. This included Joey Ryan. He had denied every allegation made against him and had filed multiple lawsuits against his accusers and also sued Impact Wrestling for breach of contract.



Ryan became infamous for filing several lawsuits against a multitude of people and promotions. However, this time around, he actually dropped a lawsuit against former ROH star Pelle Primeau.

The former Impact Wrestling star filed the multi-million dollar lawsuit last year after “#SpeakingOut” sexual misconduct allegations were made against him. Last year in December, Primeau had filed to dismiss the lawsuit, but Ryan opposed that decision. Ryan recently issued a statement where he addressed his lawsuits, mental health, and a charity event that was supposed to feature his retirement match.

He then recently dismissed the lawsuit against Pelle Primeau. Here is what Joey Ryan said:

“I’ve filed to dismiss the Pennsylvania lawsuit too. We’re all struggling with mental health, myself included. Him and I will never agree as to the events in 2013 but I could be more sympathetic. I went through something similar in 2018 and understand his pain. Hebrews 10:24.”

CM Punk saw Joey Ryan’s statement and decided to react to it by saying the following:

Dismiss it with prejudice if you mean what you say.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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