CM Punk ‘Can’t Sign’ With AEW For Sad Reason?

CM Punk has been away from world of wrestling for a long time now. There have been many speculations about his return but the former WWE Champion has denied his return on multiple occasions.



CM Punk to AEW?

As it turns out there are talks that a former WWE star could be soon joining AEW. It is being speculated that there is a possibility Punk could make his way into AEW. Alexa Bliss Black Swimsuit Photo At Pool

The EVP’s in AEW are Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega.

During a recent discussion about the AEW product, Wade Keller and Jason Powell confirmed that there are issues among some of the EVP’s.

Powell said that someone who would be a “difference maker” for AEW has been hesitant about signing with them because this person has heard the same rumors. It’s unclear if it’s Punk, Daniel Bryan, or Samoa Joe he’s discussing.

Keller said:

“There’s gonna a book written someday by some of these EVP’s or someone else closely observing and we’re gonna learn about a lot of dysfunction. We’re gonna learn what a very short honeymoon period there was between certain key people in the company, who aren’t even talking to each other anymore. I think we’re gonna find that out. I know there are people in other wrestling companies saying The Bucks and Cody and Kenny it’s not gonna be long at all before they want to have nothing to do with each other. The honeymoon period is going to be short. It seems like it is. It seems like there’s some disengagement and people going off into their own that is showing up in certain ways.”

Powell said:

“If that is not happening, they need to clear up that misconception. I do think it’s happening.” He continued, “there’s a would-be difference maker who could go there that has that opinion that there’s all this in-fighting and this person for that reason is hesitant to go there.”

However, Powell did not reveal who this person is but there are a couple of other ex-WWE names available alongside CM Punk, that are Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan. We will have to see who this person turns out to be.

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