CM Punk Disputes Online Report That He Purposely Bladed His Head On Raw

Upon landing in Australia today for WWE’s three-event tour of the country, WWE Champion CM Punk posted numerous messages on Twitter disputing an online report attributed to claiming that he purposely bladed his forehead during his Steel Cage Match against Jerry Lawler on Raw. According to the report, Punk appeared to blade his forehead before returning to the cage a second time and then appeared to hand the used object to official Charles Robinson.



Enclosing a photo of the top of his head stapled, Punk wrote, “The staples are fake too.”

He then remarked, “I paid Charles Robinsons fine. #respect.”

It was speculated in the same report that since there was reportedly no fallout backstage, Punk has more power backstage than imagined or successfully argued that he did not blade and it was a hardway cut—blading is prohibited in WWE.

In response, Punk wrote, “And yes, I have more power than you could possibly imagine.

“500k fine. Drop in the bucket. Bucket of blood!”

He also re-tweeted a message stating, “Because you can’t possibly get staples/stitches after a bladejob… #cmpunklogic #stopworkingus.”

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