CM Punk had a few things to say about Bobby Lashley vs Rusev at TLC

As seen on the TLC pay-per-view, Bobby Lashley and Rusev went up against each other in a tables match. Both men put each other through all kinds of pain before a victor emerged.



After Lana distracted Rusev by launching herself onto his back and messing with his eyes, Lashley took advantage of this situation and drove his rival into a table to win the match. After the match, the Bulgarian Brute was left lying in the ring as Lana and Lashley made their way to the back, smiling and happier than ever.

CM Punk has been a vocal critic of this whole storyline and has also ridiculed it multiple times on FS1’s WWE Backstage. WWE’s FOX Twitter account sent out a message to the former World Champion, saying that he’s probably watching the match between Lashley and Rusev.

However, Punk proved them wrong by sharing a picture of his TV Screen which had a hockey game on.

The exchange continued when WWE on Fox stated that there was a table present in the picture and Punk replied with a savage comment that made his thoughts very clear.

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