CM Punk ‘Imminent’ WWE Return Offer Leaks?

WWE may be doing anything they can to ensure that CM Punk does not go to AEW like many reports have already been reporting to be a done and closed deal. As it stands currently, at this point in time, there have been no official words out on CM Punk’s status with anyone and any news outlet reporting otherwise at the time of this article are fabricating, though he seems very likely headed to AEW. That said, we have some words from Billi Bhatti on what really is happening, at least according to him and his sources. WWE Raw Star Sad ‘Illness’ Revealed.



On the most recent episode of ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show,’ which features the dynamic duo of Vince Russo and Billi Bhatti, we were once again thankful to hear all the news as it pertained to all things professional wrestling. On this episode, Billi and Vince discussed what’s on everyone’s minds as of now and that is CM Punk. Light was shed on this topic and you won’t want to miss what was said.

As transcribed by Wrestling-Edge, the following was stated…

Billi Bhatti: “The idea was – and you can go check this up with anywhere that’s available – CM Punk, like, WWE wanted him to come back. August the 2nd on Monday Night Raw in Chicago, IL, which is where they are, they were so confident that they would be able to do this – is the only Raw that John Cena isn’t on from the ‘John Cena summer tour’ is August the 2nd in Chicago. If you’re telling me that it’s random – that’s crazy. He’s done every Raw but Chicago. CM Punk has not taken that deal. He has told them that that’s not what he wants to do.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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