CM Punk jokes about his WWE firing in response to Eric Bischoff’s departure

The news of Eric Bischoff’s release from WWE is a hot topic of discussion right now and CM Punk recently jumped in on the conversation, joking about his own release from the company.



The twitter account for the 83 weeks podcast hosted by Eric Bischoff recently sent out a tweet, promoting a new ‘Fired’ T-shirt, while also claiming that they are unrelated to recent events:

The former WWE Champion took notice of this tweet and replying to the post with a tweet of his own, Punk made a joke about his own firing:

In the tweet seen above, Punk is referring to the fact that he was sent the papers regarding the termination of his WWE contract on the day of his marriage.

As we noted before, the decision to release Eric Bischoff from his position was made on Monday and you can check out a report on the possible reason behind it here.

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