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CM Punk: “Keith Lee should win the Royal Rumble”

NXT Superstar Keith Lee has become one of the most over Superstars in the business in a matter of months. Lee’s outstanding performance from last year’s Survivor Series turned a lot many heads and rightfully so.

Lee has a lot many people within the industry rooting for him and it seems like he might have a fan in CM Punk. On this week’s episode of WWE Backstage, CM Punk stated that Lee should be winning the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble.

Punk gave heavy praise for Lee’s performance at last year’s Men’s Survivor Series match and went on to say that Lee is a big fish in a little pond (while meaning no disrespect to NXT). Punk believes that WWE should follow up on Lee’s little moment with Roman Reigns at Survivor Series and essentially strike when the iron is hot.

Punk ended his statement by saying that Lee should just “chunk” Lesnar over the top rope and win the entire Rumble. You can check out the video of the said segment here:

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Yea he COULD, but hes in NXT for a reason, and he’s not at the top of the list for needing a Maina main-event

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    I assumed the winner could pick any title to challege for, but Keith Lee promoted & challenging Lesnar or Wyatt? Thats pointless

  • CC


  • CC

    I am sure they said in the Heyman promo on RAW this week that whoever wins the Rumble can challenge for whatever title they want, so if that is the case, if Lee did win, he could challenge for either WWE main title if booking so desired.

  • Killswitch

    I can agree with that to a certain extent. He needs to sound more organic. He seems like he tries to put too much soul in his script, just has to dial it back and feel realer. Big E does the same thing, but he’s not bad otherwise.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Call it the main event or a just title shot, either way letting Keith win so he challenge Cole at Takeover is a waste of a Rumble win!

  • Luke

    The Rumble winner doesn’t always get the main event though- actually only about half the rumble winners have gone on to the main event.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Nobody in NxT, right now, has ever done anything worthy of Main-eventing Wrestlemania…period. Least of all Keith Lee. Cole vs Lee is ok for a takeover, but not actually ppv worthy

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    This is the 1st time I’ve had to question Punk and if he’s still straight-edge…

    Yeah, Lee is a fat guy that can move (which I can respect) but theres lots of guys who have deserve the main event more at Mania.

    Punk’s pissed they screwed him year after year, but some after thought main-eventing against who, Adam Cole? Pssh it would be the 1st Mania I dont watch start to finish

  • CC

    My only problem with Lee, and I have seen quite of his fans say the same, is his promo game in NXT is weak as hell. Of course a lot of that is down to the material he is given, but other talent seem to be able to make theirs work.