CM Punk & Michael Jordan Huge AEW Rumor Leaks

CM Punk and Michael Jordan are two of the biggest names in their own sports. ‘The Second City Savior’ is set to make his return to pro-wrestling and will debut on AEW.



Andrew Zarian recently spoke about it and replied to a fan who was commenting on the CM Punk Lapel Pin and he said TNT and AEW wants this to be like when Jordan returned to the NBA. He also said to “Expect an “I’m Back” post this Friday. It is not known whether it is legit but he deleted the Tweet just 5 minutes later.

CM Punk return will not see ‘reactionary’ move?

Punk has been slated to make a pro wrestling return this Friday night on AEW Rampage, which is a day before WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view and this has been hot discussion of the wrestling world, including among people in WWE.

However, contrary to what they have done in the past, WWE sources are claiming that a “reactionary” move is not expected. There is not much they can do since they don’t have a show that airs at the same time as Rampage. Sasha Banks ‘Concerning’ Backstage Rumor Leaks

WrestleVotes tweeted:

“Source states to not expect a “reactionary” move if, more like when, CM Punk shows up on AEW Rampage Friday night, 24 hours prior to WWE’s second biggest show of the year. Time will tell.”

Rampage airs at 10 pm eastern on TNT. They will likely benefit from having wrestling fans at home since they will be watching SmackDown. AEW has not confirmed that Punk will be at the show but there have been teases, including Darby Allin dropping the “Best in the World” line.


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