CM Punk Says Nash Is Out of Touch, Comments on Winning In Chicago and Taker

– CM Punk briefly spoke with Joe Cowley of the The Chicago Sun-Times this week. Here are some highlights:



JC: Best wrestling entrance of all time?

CMP: Undertaker’s, easily.

JC: Was it hard to keep a straight face when Kevin Nash called you a ‘‘short-order cook . . . from a Waffle House’’ on ‘‘Raw’’ last week?

CMP: I don’t think I did . . . he’s completely out of touch.

JC: What was it really like winning the WWE Championship in front of a hometown crowd at Allstate Arena back in July?

CMP: I don’t have the words to explain the gravity of that situation. The love I got from Chicago was astounding. I know it sounds cliché and corny, but no words. Words couldn’t do it justice.

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