CM Punk on possibly upsetting WWE with his comments

CM Punk’s debut as an analyst on WWE Backstage was everything fans had hoped for, as the former WWE Champion did not shy away from speaking his mind on multiple topics.



Punk discussed what he felt WWE was doing wrong, even calling the recent segment involving King Corbin and the ‘Big Dog’ bad creative. He also revealed that he wasn’t a fan of the new blue Universal Champion. The former WWE Champion also took a shot at Seth Rollins.

Punk was recently part of The Herd with Colin Cowherd and talked about if he felt worried about upsetting WWE with his comments:

I’m not concerned about it, I think honestly that’s the appeal of the job. We’re (FOX) going to pay you and come here and be an analyst, and you get to critique the old place you work at. I’m not here to play a spoiler, and I’m not here to pour gasoline or anything and set everything on fire.

(h/t credit to Wrestlinginc)

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