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CM Punk on what is wrong with the current WWE programming

CM Punk

  • CC

    There has to at least be some kind of controls on what can and cannot be said in promos, especially on PG TV, but what WWE did recently with several stars really showed an improved quality in promos when they gave them bullet points and let them do their own promos based around that.

    Not everyone is as natural as The Rock, Austin, Jericho, Heyman and Punk but I am sure some talent could really benefit from being given more freedom in promos. Right now one of the things hurting Rollins right now (other than his Twitter game) is his promos as they sound scripted as hell, and show horning “Burn it down” into them just out and out sucks.
    Give him a little more freedom and see if he stands or falls. If he stands, great, as he will be more natural. If he falls, well then you know he needs scripted promos.

    I think NXT going live gave a good indication of how some people do need more help as Velveteen Dreams live promos were awful compared to when he was doing prerecorded ones. I don’t know how much of his stuff was scripted or off the cuff, but either way he needs more help on that side of things (but thats what developmental is for).

    I am sure some are better at delivering scripted promos than others, but I feel you can tell who has more freedom in what they say.

  • Whistling Joe

    That’s one of the biggest problems I have with scripted promos. No one comes across as genuine. I don’t believe 95% of what these people say because no one talks like that in their every day life. The wrestlers come across as actors instead of people. That’s just one of the problems, though. Do I believe some one like King Corbin could be an a-hole in real life and bully people? Absolutely. Do I think in his real life he would attempt to embarrass or torment someone by having a guy dress up in a mascot dog costume to do it? Not at all. If you are going to do a segment like that, you better have Reigns get laid out in the back or mention on commentary how he hasn’t arrived at the building yet. What kind of man is just going to stay in the back while that goes down inside the ring? A pansy, that’s who. And if you aren’t willing to stand up for yourself, you deserve what you get, I lose all respect for you as a man, and I won’t support you by cheering you on.