CM Punk Posts Cryptic Photo Before SmackDown

Perhaps one of the most talked about professional wrestlers over the past three years rears his punk-ish head again. CM Punk – the man who calls himself a “punk”, posted a cryptic photograph ahead of WWE’s SmackDown about his training recovery. The question is, why?

As we all know, Punk’s contract with AEW will likely be dissolved since the “incident” backstage in which Punk trash-talked his mouth one too many times. We know that “apparently” Triple H cannot stand Punk. However, will the all mighty dollar be at work here. Could it be that Punk’s greedy little paws cannot resist another run with the company that he “apparently” could not stand to work for?

As per Wrestling Observer Figure Four Online, AEW President Tony Khan addressed the media this Thursday ahead of Saturday’s night’s AEW Full Gear, and answered questions including those directed on former two-time AEW World Champion, CM Punk.

With Punk’s status currently unknown, Khan was asked about it and said he couldn’t comment on that, but appreciated all of the backstage contributions that Punk made to the company. That says a lot. Sounds like he’s done to me.

At the end of the call, Khan was asked if he knew what Punk was going to say during his post-All Out press conference rants that saw him rip on “the EVPs” (Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks), Colt Cabana and Hangman Page, and why he didn’t stop him. Isn’t it obvious. Punk was on a sugar high. Tony was afraid of being beaten up.

Khan said he didn’t know what Punk was going to say and that he couldn’t comment beyond that. More legalities. He added that he was focused on those wrestlers that were coming up after Punk.

After Punk’s scathing comments, a fight broke out backstage in Punk’s locker room that involved himself, Ace Steel, the Bucks and Omega. Steel was fired while the Bucks and Omega will make their first live on-screen appearance in a match this Saturday at Full Gear.

Will Punk return to WWE and kiss HHH’s butt to save his retirement fund? We’ll have to wait and see.


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