CM Punk & Randy Orton Reports Leak Before SmackDown

WWE Superstar Spectacle, an event held in Hyderabad, India, showcased some exciting wrestling matches. Notably, during Zoey Stark’s match against Natalya, the crowd erupted with chants of “CM Punk” in a significant manner. This demonstrates the enduring popularity of CM Punk, a former WWE Superstar, among wrestling fans worldwide. Such spontaneous chants are a testament to the passionate and enthusiastic WWE fanbase in India and their continued appreciation for wrestling legends like CM Punk.



Randy Orton’s return to WWE has been eagerly anticipated by fans, but there has been no official word on when he will be back in the ring. Despite rumors and speculation, there is still no confirmation regarding the timing of The Viper’s return.

WWE is hosting an event in India, which has generated excitement among fans, especially with the presence of major stars like John Cena. However, it’s worth noting that some fans are disappointed that the event will not be televised, but that’s a separate issue.

There were rumors and even fabricated images circulating on social media, suggesting that Randy Orton might make his long-awaited return during WWE Superstar Spectacle in India. These rumors ignited excitement among fans both in India and around the world, speculating about Orton’s comeback.

However, it has been confirmed by PW Insider that Randy Orton did not appear at the event, and any claims of his appearance are categorically labeled as “100% false.” As of now, fans will have to continue waiting for an official announcement regarding Orton’s return to WWE.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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