CM Punk Reacts To AEW Revolution Epic Fail

CM Punk had a reaction to AEW Revolution! Christian debuted, and his real reason for quitting WWE leaked. While it was revealed that Christian Cage, now formerly known as WWE’s Christian was the ‘big Hall of Fame worthy’ surprise to debut in All Elite Wrestling during their Revolution pay-per-view. Jon Moxley’s match ending was ‘ruined.’



One man, who was also heavily speculated to be the mystery man took matters into his own hands. ‘The Straight Edge’ superstar and ‘Second City Saint’ CM Punk took to social media via Twitter to reveal what he would have done if he was in Paul Wight, the former Big Show’s shoes to make such a highly anticipated announcement, completely mocking the segment.

Punk tweeted: “Here’s what I’d do: Wight come out and says ‘I meant FOOTBALL hall of fame,’ out comes MONGO. (You’re welcome) #76 @ThatsOurMongo”

Some fans have clowned Tony Khan for an epic fail for failing to deliver CM Punk or Brock Lesnar. Fans took to the Squared Circle subreddit to discuss their reaction to the news of Christian, now known to AEW audiences as Christian Cage joining All Elite Wrestling and what it will mean for the company in the long term. Dim0615 stated: “I think it’s similar to guys like Big Show, Sting, now Christian going to AEW. They are giving actual wrestling matches to a lot of these older wrestlers while not forcing them to do it full time in any sense.

Khan wants to see these guys wrestle, Vince wants to have these guys make appearances, get a pop in ratings, and then go back behind the scenes. I won’t tell you which system is right, but that seems to be the reason you are seeing this current influx of older former WWE wrestlers signing with AE Now.” Vince McMahon ‘disrespected’ Christian Cage backstage.

While Dolph-Ziggler said: “I get it. If Christian stayed in WWE we would’ve got the reunion of course but he always would’ve been Edge’s friend, Edge’s partner etc. With AEW being as prominent as they are, same as his run in TNA, this is the perfect way to put Christian first.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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