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CM Punk’s return to WWE has created a significant buzz, reflected in robust merchandise sales and heightened interest from fans. This enthusiasm has translated into a surge in ticket purchases for WWE RAW’s upcoming episode on December 4th in Albany, New York. However, there’s a potential twist as CM Punk is not currently advertised for RAW but is instead promoted for SmackDown this week.



Dave Meltzer, during Wrestling Observer Radio, expressed concerns that numerous fans who bought tickets for the Albany RAW show might end up disappointed if CM Punk doesn’t make an appearance. Despite not being officially promoted for the event, the sudden spike in ticket sales – nearly 1,700 in the last week alone – indicates that fans might have assumed Punk would be present and purchased tickets in anticipation of his appearance.

Ringside News had initially reported CM Punk’s return to WWE’s RAW brand. However, subsequent information revealed that Punk is internally listed as a free agent. To gain clarity, Ringside News reached out to a reliable member of the creative team, who confirmed, “Punk is listed as a free agent, so if we need him to appear on SmackDown, he can without trouble.”

While CM Punk is primarily assigned to RAW, where he is expected to be featured in initial storylines, WWE maintains the flexibility to use him across different shows as necessary. The situation raises anticipation and curiosity among fans eager to witness Punk’s involvement in WWE programming.

“I’ll tell you what, the thing is there’s gonna be a lot of upset people, because they sold almost 1,700 tickets in the last week for Albany for RAW and that’s for Punk.”

“I mean, they never advertised him. People just bought the tickets assuming he’d be there, but tickets moved, and that’s a lot of tickets to move in a week. So, that’s the reason they moved, so we’ll see.”