CM Punk removed from reality show after repeated losses

CM Punk has been removed from MTV’s reality show The Challenge after coming up short in several contests.



Punk recently made headlines for the same show, wherein the former WWE Champion was involved in an altercation with Johnny Bananas.

Apparently Bananas poked fun at Punk being alright with losing, besides pointing out the latter’s loss in MMA, whilst simultaneously calling him out on, what Bananas perceives to be a failed professional wrestling career.

For those unaware, The Challenge is a reality show that involves celebrities taking on stars of the show, with the contestants engaging in grueling physical contests. The season featuring Punk sees sportspersons from different sports take on the established stars of The Challenge.

Nevertheless, CM Punk has now been eliminated from the show- a few glimpses of which fans can catch below-


CM Punk retired from the sport of professional wrestling in 2014 and despite him repeatedly stating his intentions of staying away for good, the man keeps getting several offers to return from pro-wrestling promotions around the world.

Regardless, Punk is still contracted to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and has a 0-1 record with the promotion, losing his MMA and UFC debut against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 last year.

Regardless of whether or not CM Punk decides to lace up the boots and tights once again, his legacy in the sport of professional wrestling is already secure, and he will forever be remembered as one pro-wrestling’s most creative rebels.

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