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CM Punk returns to wrestling ring while wearing mask

CM Punk

CM Punk left the world of professional wrestling back in 2014 following the 2014 Royal Rumble event since he walked out of WWE. He spent his time focusing on other interests such as comic book writing, UFC, commentary. However, he made his in-ring return in front of 350 people while wearing a mask.

Silas Young revealed that it was CM Punk under the mask at MKE Wrestling’s event on Friday night at the Knights of Columbus in West Allis, Wisconsin.

Last night we held @MKE_Wrestling at the Knights of Columbus building in west allis the place was packed with 350 people. This place has had 25+ years of wrestling and is the place a lot of guys started. Guys like @ColtCabana as well as a Punk who showed up in a mask last night

This certainly came as a shock to the fans in attendance as they had no idea who the masked person was. Punk quickly came in and delivered a GTS and went to the back.

  • Darrin Tyler

    MKE?….dont know that promotion

  • Keith Learmonth

    Wouldn’t that be a great plot twist, though? If it turns out to be KENTA making his debut, by teasing himself as being the guy who spent years using his move?

  • oppa

    I’m laughing at the number of people who couldn’t wait for him to “humble” himself and return to wrestling, just to hear this story and get mad about it.

  • CC

    Sounds like crap to me too. Just because Silas said it was him does not mean it was him.
    Hell, anyone can put on a mask and do a GTS. Might as well say it was KENTA.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Has it been confirmed it was actually Punk, though, and not some indy fed trying to draw attention to themselves?

    Seems kind of weird to keep him under a mask the entire time if you’re just going to have him use his own move, and then leave.

  • AEW // CM PUNK

    Now he has returned to wrestling I would expect him signing with AEW pretty imminent. There’s no way that PUNK won’t want to be part of AEW and a HUGE pay day.

  • CC

    “they had no idea who the masked person who.”
    Yeah, that sentence makes sense.