CM Punk reveals his reaction to the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever”

WWE had billed the Backlash match between Randy Orton and Edge as the ‘Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’ and the bout generally received a positive reaction from fans.



The former WWE Champion CM Punk also reacted to the match on the latest episode of WWE Backstage and he said that the tagline was too subjective:

“I think if you’re Randy and Edge you just ignore that. You can’t live up to that, it’s too subjective of a label. Greatest match of all-time,’ what’s the ‘Greatest Single of All-Time’? Music-wise. What’s the ‘Greatest Band of All-Time’? What’s the ‘Greatest car of All-Time’? It’s too subjective. Everybody’s gonna have a different opinion, but I think that’s what makes wrestling great. You can talk about all these different wrestlers from all these different regions from all over the world who wrestle different styles and sometimes in the ring you get magic.”

The former UFC star then said that the match in itself was great and explained that building it as the greatest match put a lot of unnecessary pressure on both the stars:

“I think they had a great match. Was it the greatest match of all-time? I’ve seen better Randy Orton matches. I’ve seen better Edge matches. To put that on the marquee, and get people to watch. I kind of feel like it was a lot of unnecessary pressure, especially on Edge, coming back after almost a decade of not wrestling. They did a great job of compartmentalizing that, and almost ignoring it, just going out there and delivering.”

The outcome of the bout was not in the favor of Edge as the Rated R Superstar not only lost the bout but he also suffered a serious injury during the fight.

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