CM Punk Says The Rock’s Shtick Is Corny, Discusses Change in WWE & More

– WWE Champion CM Punk spoke with Mark Madden on his Pittsburgh radio show this past Monday to promote SummerSlam. Punk was asked if he now has creative control in WWE. Punk said he doesn’t like that term and said control is bad. He noted that he has input now but added that everyone always has input. Madden asked Punk if things have really change in WWE or if it’s just another McMahon being the star of the show.



“I think things aren’t going to change over night,” Punk said. “A few little things have already changed. Just the face they’re listening to different people is a step in the right direction. It’s going to take a while. Obviously I’m one who’s an advocate for any kind of change. Getting guys like Zack Ryder on TV is a step in the right direction. He’s entertaining, that’s the bottom line. Is he going to main event WrestleMania this year? No. Maybe he will in a couple of years, you never know. I’m just happy what little change has been implemented thus far has been implemented.”

Punk says people have been making comparisons to what’s happening now and the Attitude Era but added that he isn’t trying to fill Steve Austin’s shoes. Punk is trying to do something completely different – make it fun again, he said. Punk said he hopes he is making everyone tune in next week to see what’s going on because that’s his goal.

Regarding John Cena, Punk acknowledged that he has said some nasty things about his SummerSlam opponent but put him over as someone who loves what he does and a hard worker for WWE. Punk said everything he has said about “Dwayne” is absolutely 100% true.

“I’m in a position now where I think I can call guys out on it,” Punk said about The Rock. “I have no personal problems against Dwayne. It’s very frustrating being here and watch a guy come in and get credit for a WrestleMania buyrate when he didn’t do anything on the show. He certainly didn’t do anything entertaining. There’s a line he crossed at some point where I think he is just as out of touch as the Vince McMahons and everybody else. I’m not calling Rock old, he’s still obviously a young physical fit guy but his ideas are old and his shtick is corny in my opinion. Hopefully when my ideas are old and my shtick is corny, there’s some young punk that’s going to call me out on it. Hopefully Dwayne takes it as, “ok when I come here I have to step it up”, and hopefully he does.”

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