CM Punk Teases AEW TNT Title Match

CM Punk recently revealed that he would be interested in wrestling AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin if he came to the company. Chris Benoit’s last remarks to CM Punk were just revealed.



A fan asked, “#AskPunk What current wrestler in AEW would you most like to work with IF you ever came back?”

Punk responded, “I see five guys that have potential. Hobbs, Darbs, Pillman, Starks, Jungle Boy. And that’s not to say there are others, but those guys stick out.”

Ryback recently told Vickie Guerrero on the ‘Excuse Me’ podcast that he was almost fired by WWE when feuding with CM Punk due to a lawsuit he had over a botched 2010 ankle surgery.

“I had to stick up for myself. I got them to not fire me with a phone call to John Laurinaitis and I got that all overturned, but they sent the paperwork and they tried. It was a really ugly situation.”

“We had a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the doctor that messed up the surgery and this is where it was kinda really personal to me. When I came back as Ryback and overcame all that, and Jane Geddes at the time was in charge — I had just got put into the feud with Punk and she called me quote-unquote ‘off the record.’”

“I was at the doctors and she told me the company needed me to drop the multi-million dollar lawsuit because they didn’t want to look bad in the situation. I told them that this is my life. I have ankle damage that at the time I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able to wrestle. I was in pain and my back was already starting to hurt.”

“I said ‘this has nothing to do with you guys. This is me versus the doctor. I spent the last year with this and the attorneys are pleading with me already not to drop this. She goes ‘we need you to drop it’ — literally threatened my job that I’d be fire and I wouldn’t get a chance to live my dream or do any of that; and I had just got inserted into that program and finally they started paying me.”

“At that point, I hadn’t really made any money at all… and I go ‘what do I do? Do I trust them and drop this and maybe we’re square on everything? I’m red hot right now.’ I dropped it and took a chance and lived my dream and when the statute of limitations ran out, like literally weeks later that’s when everything with creative got weird with all of that.”

Ringside News transcribed Ryback’s comments.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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