CM Punk TNA Debut Bombshell Revealed?

The recent presentation of Bound For Glory by Impact Wrestling, held at Cicero Stadium in Chicago, IL, garnered attention for various reasons. Notably, the announcement of the company’s rebranding to TNA Wrestling was met with considerable approval within the wrestling community.



Adding to the excitement – reports from PWInsider indicated the presence of former WWE and AEW coach Ace Steel backstage, serving as a producer. There were initial discussions about Steel participating in the Gauntlet For The Gold match, but this idea was ultimately dismissed to avoid sparking false hope among fans regarding the potential appearance of his close friend, CM Punk. Punk was notably absent from Bound For Glory as he attended the Chicago Blackhawks’ home opener.

Exclusive information from Haus of Wrestling reveals that while Punk was not present at Bound For Glory, he did make an appearance at the Impact Wrestling on AXS TV tapings the following day, also held at Cicero Stadium. Sources disclosed that the Second City Savior arrived shortly before the tapings commenced, around 6:30 pm CST, and was escorted to the backstage locker room area. In contrast to his previous attendance in April, which garnered significant attention, this time Punk took measures to maintain a low profile by arriving after dark to minimize public notice.

During his time backstage, Punk reportedly engaged in conversations with various individuals, including “key Impact talent,” whom he interacted with throughout the tapings. Given his prior appearance at an Impact taping earlier in the year, Punk’s presence did not disrupt the routine for the wrestlers, who had become accustomed to his occasional visits.

However, due to the tight schedule and logistics of the event, Punk did not have the opportunity to spend much time with Steel, who was also involved in the post-Bound For Glory Impact TV tapings. Sources mentioned that Steel received a warm welcome backstage and appeared content to be back working within the wrestling industry.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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