CM Punk Updates: WWE Using His Name, Money in the Bank News & More

– The plan as of a few days ago was to not have CM Punk cut a heel promo in his hometown of Chicago at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.



– WWE officials reportedly knew CM Punk was considering leaving the company as far back as last year when Chris Jericho left.

– As noted before, WWE recently trademarked Punk’s name for merchandising which indicates they are planning on putting out a new line of products for him. Punk giving WWE the rights to his name was an issue in the past, so that could be a hint that both sides have reached some kind of agreement, even if it’s not a new contract.

Even though WWE has trademarked the name, Punk can still use it anyway he wants once he leaves the company because he brought the name with him when the business relationship between he and WWE began. Punk created the intellectual property but WWE now has the right to merchandise the CM Punk name and likeness.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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