CM Punk’s Title Loss Linked to Dress Code Violation? Cena-Orton Ironman Match and more

– Jim Ross has updated his blog at Here are some highlights:



* ESPN surprised me with their coverage of Big Ben’s guest hosting shot Monday night on RAW. The Steelers had a great time from what I could see which comes as no surprise. The Steelers QB has been a WWE fan for long time.

* Nice to see Jack Swagger look as if he is going to get his ball rolling on RAW. Swagger has the athletic skills to be awfully good if he pushes himself to the next level both physically and mentally.

* Orton vs. Cena in an Ironman Match is my kind of party. I just wish I could help call it. I love time limits and the scoring system. Makes the contest feel more like an athletic event of which I personally like. IF this is this pair’s last dance then I expect them to rock it for the duration and provide us fans with a compelling story. This match could be a great way to end this rivalry if that is the objective.

* Crazy email….CM Punk lost the World’s Title because of a “dress code” violation. Please, stop the pain.

Read the blog in its entirety here.

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