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CM Punk’s thoughts on Kofi’s title win at WrestleMania, the women’s main event, more

Below are some highlights from CM Punk’s appearance on Stadium’s Sauce & Shramshow:

Shane McMahon using the ‘Best in the World’ moniker: “I think he’s been calling himself the best in the world,” Punk said. “And this is the funny thing about the company, is I could say, ‘Yea that’s a little shot at me,’ And you know, it probably is, but they’d deny it until the cows come home.”

The Wrestlemania 35 main event: “Those three women last night, put it all on the line, for everybody’s entertainment,” Punk said. “And I think the best thing to come out of all of that is the little girls that can watch that and aspire to be something greater than what we all are.”

Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Title: “It should’ve happened ten years ago. You know, that’s what I’ll leave with. And it’s one of those things where yes, I’m stoked that it happened now, but again, be ahead of the curve instead of behind it.”

  • Keith Learmonth

    The tournament, yes. The constant reminding about it from Shane, not so much. And Jericho used it during his feud with Punk, and a few times after that.

  • CC

    But this best in the world thing started before Jericho officially left WWE for AEW, and Jericho has not used that “Best in the world” thing on TV for years. Only time I can remember him using it in recent memory was the title of his book, but even that was done in a mocking tone.
    Its even older news than Punk.

  • HBK

    But you’re forgetting, that Jericho is the best In the world at what he does!

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Yeah I think the last two beating CM Punk has had in UFC you can’t say you are the best in the world of anything anymore.

  • Kristopher Robinson


  • Keith Learmonth

    To be honest, I feel Shane’s whole “I’m the best in the world” thing is more of a shot at Jericho than Punk. Punk’s old news. Jericho’s leaving isn’t.