CNN Host Drops Trump Drug Use Bombshell

It has been noted that the panelists on Chris Wallace’s Saturday morning CNN show have speculated if the former President Donald Trump was on popular weight-loss drug Ozempic to look “rather svelte” in recent Easter photos via Mediaite.



The “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” segment saw Lulu Garcia-Navarro with The New York Times, raising the possibility.

“This Easter weekend there was a very touching photo of former President Trump with two of his grandchildren, and he’s looking — if you see there — rather svelte,” she said, referring to a post by Donald Trump Jr. that flashed on the screen.

Garcia-Navarro continued:

And that caught the eye, as you can imagine, of many on social media and elsewhere. And there has been a lot of chatter about whether he is on the big “O.” And by that, I mean, Ozempic, to the point where The New York Times, my employer, actually ended up writing to the campaign to formally ask them if he was on Ozempic.

And the reason I find this interesting is because Trump is larger than life. That is his brand. He’s a big guy, and this shrinks you. And, so it might be that he wants to be healthier. It might be that he wants to be more attractive on camera for the campaign. But it also might be that it could hurt him in the end because he just doesn’t seem as imposing, perhaps, if he does go on the Ozempic journey, which many of us have.

Wallace quipped, “And I know you were worried because you wanted him to be as imposing as possible.”

“Of course, of course,” Garcia-Navarro said. “It’s really out of consideration for him.”

Wallace continued, “We should just point out, we have no idea if he’s, what he’s doing. Maybe he’s uh — ”

“Maybe he’s working out,” Garcia-Navarro said.

“He’s such a disciplined guy!” said National Review’s Jim Geraghty.

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