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Cody and Brandi Rhodes did not know Nyla Rose was transgender

All Elite Wrestling will be crowning their ever Women’s Champion on October 2nd and there might be a chance of seeing Nyla Rose win the title. It is an interesting fact that Cody and Brandy Rhodes did not realize Rose was transgender when they first saw her.

Brandi Rhodes spoke to Collider, where she revealed that she did not know Nyla Rose’s backstory. She was simply impressed by what Rose had to offer. She is dominant in the ring and her being transgender did not matter as Brandi saw her as one of the best female competitors.

“I don’t know if we’ve told the real story with Nyla Rose. I’m cool telling the real story if it’s not out there. When we hired Nyla Rose, we did not know she was transgender. We thought she was one of the best wrestlers we ever saw. That was that. It later was revealed to us that she was transgender and that’s great.”

Brandi was unaware of Nyla Rose being transgender until she did a more thorough search online.

“Via the internet. I was getting floods of tweets from people of the LGTBQ community just saying ‘thank you, thank you.’ And I’m saying, ‘For what?’ and then I found that out. She opened up to me and talked about it, and it was fantastic. However, it’s nothing to do with anything because she’s just a fantastic competitor. She was brought on board — I think Kenny Omega was the one who found her and says, ‘hey, take a look at her.’ None of us knew. Nobody knew.”

We will get to know on October 2nd who will come out on top and become the inaugural AEW Women’s Champion.

  • I no longer care.

    Thats not the same as a Man Identifying as a Woman beating up Women because he failed as a man. .

  • K B

    Lol, just cause you’ve got a fetish, that doesn’t invalidate his feelings towards gross trannies.

  • K B

    Lol, sure.

  • K B

    Yeah cucks prolly needed an angle to relate to, you fell for it, cuck.

  • Billy Magada

    Johnny Gargano and Joey Ryan made a pretty damn good living letting Candice Lerae get over on them constantly

  • Billy Magada

    More like we need someone to “man-handle” people in the women’s division………I kid, I kid. Jokes aside, I think the problem companies have is booking Bam Bam types for their women’s divisions when they aren’t super athletic. Nia has some room to grow. Nia Jax on the other hand is someone who is lucky to be related to the Rock who is not in ring shape by any definition of the word and has only gotten worse.

  • Soulshroude

    No worries.

  • I no longer care.

    My Bad, Had to participate in Faux Outrage for the day. I’m done. =P

  • Soulshroude

    It’s “okay”, let the little person try to stand up for something they clearly know nothing about. It’s one thing to talk “troll” trash, it’s an absolutely different story to know what “they” go through. I’ve a clear insight because an actual family member took the need for that “change”. We, in the family call him “she-it” to his face, he laughs it off and has been married for 30 years now. Ain’t no thang, unless p.c. trolls try the indoctrination tactic via propaganda and other protocols to try and justify why they don’t understand a damned thing about it.

  • JustSomeGuy

    I sincerely agree with Soulshroude, I think transgender people have something wrong with their head. I’m not gonna bow like Brandi Rhodes and AEW thinking it’s something to be proud of. Accepting it and moving on is one thing, but accepting a man pretending to be a woman to go into women’s bathrooms or wrestle women?

    If you’re watching an intergender match and don’t realize it, when you find out you’ll probably be worried that the woman could have gotten hurt. That’s me anyway.

  • John Marston

    lol. No you.

  • Matthew Ward

    At least both the Whippleman and Santina angles were played as the jokes they were, instead of noble, empowering, and most ridiculously ‘fair’ like Nyla’s angle is.

  • Soulshroude

    You first, asshole.

  • Soulshroude

    Goddamned “P.C.” narratives. Well stated.

  • Luminous Flux

    Just because you want to live in a delusional world where we tell
    everyone “Youre perfect the way you are” encourage suicidal behaviors,
    and try to put children on hormone blockers, doesnt mean it’s a good or
    safe or proper life.It’s not transphobic to disagree with their lifestyle. it’s not transphobic to call a Biological Male, a Man. It’s not transphobic to not cater to your pronouns. Now, it IS transphobic to wish death upon these people. You can’t call someone Something phobic, just because they disagree with you and someone elses life style. Yes, he called her a “thing” but thats pretty much what she is. a Failure of a man who needs to go beat up women to make himself relevant at something. This is not transphobic. Quit re-writing definitions like “Oh you dislike transgendered, youre transphobic> Oh, you dislike White people, and you dislike men, and you dislike white men because you talk down about them? Does that man you a Misandrist Leukophobic waste of space?. Oh, and You’re the one thats not good for wrestling, you’re encouraging C Card Men to go beat up women in the name of social justice

  • Luminous Flux

    So, Dude decided since he couldnt make it in Male Wrestling he needed to go beat up women? Seems…..Fair, right?

  • reed richards


  • Soulshroude

    Well now. F…ck you very much for that belittling term. I, on the other hand won’t conform to what society thinks is “the way to think” these days. You can fall in line all you want to within the socialy political resevoire with propaganda tactics to try and tell people what to say when someone states anything contradictive to new “system”, and title me as, what ever you feel your insignificant protocol demands… but, heh… I’ll stick to my own methodology and not fall for stupid jargon or rhetoric. Have a nice day, plumpkin. Either wake up from the “system” or STFU. Period.

  • reed richards


  • Soulshroude

    Transphobic, huh? It’s called homophobic, through and through. Gay’s can kiss my ass (pun intended) either way. To hell with that tranny piece of shyte.

  • reed richards

    Dude started off with some transphobic garbage. In the land of intelligence you are forever exiled.

  • Soulshroude

    If you think you’re older than me, you’re obviously not. You’re posturing with the demeanor of a 16 year old, trying either prove a point that’s not there, or trying to get a rise out of an adult. Either way, you’re trying too hard at both. Move on, Junior.

  • reed richards

    Lol it’s more likely than not that im older than u

  • Soulshroude

    “but at least” keep telling yourself that, junior.

  • reed richards

    Maybe so but at least I’m smarter than you.

  • Mike the Ike

    I have the fear, too. I am still very optimistic about AEW, but it feels a lot like an Elite vanity project. The Bucks have won far too much for my taste. They have also done some very questionable booking. MJF was/is a heel, but he’s Cody’s best friend on screen and Omega doesn’t even seem important.

  • Scotsman1991

    I sincerely hope that if Riho has been booked to win the AEW woman’s championship on the inaugural Wednesday Dynamite show, that AEW stick with those plans and make her the first ever woman’s champion. She is a credible female star and is absolutely deserving of becoming the first ever female to win the AEW woman’s championship. However, I fear and that AEW will bow to fear and increased pressure from SJWs and the LGBTQ community by making Nyla Rose the champion just because Nyla is transgender.

    The prospect of not having a legitimate female star such as Riho win the AEW woman’s championship would be both an insult and a slap in the face to all of the women who have worked hard to make a name for themselves in the business.

    If Nyla wins the championship, the belt and its legacy will be tarnished from day 1 and will be ruined beyond all repair. It also wouldn’t be good for AEW in the long run either especially when looking back at the history of their championship belts only to see that their first ever woman’s champion was not a woman but a biological male with male chromosones and a male muscolo-skeletal structure claiming to be a woman when in fact they are a man. Nyla does not deserve to be crowned as the first ever AEW woman’s champion.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Ah yes, wrestling, an untapped market for transgender folks to physically dominate. Seems legit.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Very cool

  • Soulshroude

    Your opinion doesn’t matter.

  • Wicka Steve

    Unfortunately, we live in an age where the acceptance of science is selective to what they chose to be fact.

  • Wicka Steve

    Back to your cry closet, you beta, Nyla is AWFUL.

  • Rinn13

    If Nyla is transgender, that means, by literal, medical science, that “she” is a man, who believes he is a woman. That means that what they have is a big dude wrestling a bunch of (almost entirely) smaller women. This IS pro-wrestling, so of course “it’s fake”, and things like weight limits, etc., “don’t matter”. However, if they’re going to crown Nyla their first Women’s Champion, I’m sorry, but that’s a joke. It’s an insult to all actual female wrestlers. It’s no different and no less stupid, in my view, from when WWE had Harvey Whippleman in drag win the Women’s title, or when they had Santino win the (at the time “historic) Miss Wrestlemania battle royal. Both of those were a joke, and a slap in the face to women’s wrestling. And frankly, so is this.

    No matter how you try to spin it or rationalize it, the hard science is that Nyla is 100% biologically male, every single chromosome in his body is male. Which means that his muscles, bones, etc., are bigger and denser than any woman’s, and he is a dude, wrestling as a woman, where he can dominate by doing so. If he wants to wrestle, then wrestle the men. Succeed in the men’s division. A transgender man wrestling as a “woman” in pro wrestling, where outcomes are predetermined, is not nearly on the level with trans men competing in legit women’s sports. But if you ask me, it still isn’t right. And as someone else pointed out, it really stinks of PR to win “LGBT” points.

  • Ka Zoo

    Shes not worse then Nia jacket get your facts straight before you troll loser

  • rob

    yeah sure haha, either both of them are lying or they are really that dumb

  • reed richards

    You’re not cool for the wrestling community.

  • jedi

    Must not have actually watched her ring work because dam she is slow & sloppy AF!!

  • Keith Learmonth

    Neither do a lot of the fans, who still constantly refer to her as a man.

  • Soulshroude

    Try not to advertise Rose. It’s not cool for the wrestling community.

  • CC

    Part of me thinks they are either making it up that they did not know, or they are telling the truth but as soon as they found out, they decided that putting her in the title picture straight away was a great way to potentially gain more fans through the LGBGT. Either way, I think this is a huge publicity stunt on their part.

    Not really something I care about, but while they may gain some extra fans through the LGBGT, I could certainly see them losing some less enlightened wrestling fans who cannot deal with this sort of thing.

  • jeremiah hoffman

    it’s called a tranny surprise for future reference

  • Wicka Steve

    So Cody and Brandy saw how terrible Nia Jax was in the ring and said “we gotta find someone worse!”?