Cody on having an AEW show during WrestleMania weekend

In the past few months, AEW has proved it to everyone that not only are they here to stay but they’re also a legitimate alternative to WWE. Although the war between AEW and WWE might be a rather cold one, fans can feel the spirit of head-to-head competition between the two companies on Wednesday nights.



One fan asked Cody on Twitter if AEW has any plans to have a show during WrestleMania weekend and the American Nightmare had a very classy answer.

Cody said that WrestleMania and that entire weekend is “theirs” and that piggybacking them would be lame.

A lot of other promotions have their biggest show during WrestleMania weekend but it seems like AEW has chosen a different route. This also goes to show that AEW is out there to establish a league of its own and not try and benefit off a spectacle like WrestleMania.

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