Cody Rhodes & Alexa Bliss Raw Bombshell Leaks

Cody Rhodes was one of the highlights of AEW television as he immediately made an impact in the company. He even competed in the first-ever match on AEW Dynamite against Sammy Guevara, which he won. In addition, many long-time fans of All Elite Wrestling called Cody Rhodes match against his brother, Dustin at AEW’s inaugural pay-per-view event back in 2019 not only one of Cody’s best but one of the company’s best in its short infancy.



It was announced that Cody and his wife Brandi Rhodes had parted with the company after working there for over three years. This was seen as a shocking move as their departures came out of the left field and many fans expected to see them involved in more storylines as well.

After a lot of speculation, Cody Rhodes finally signed a contract with WWE a couple of weeks ago. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that Cody Rhodes is unlikely to appear on WWE Raw television before WrestleMania 38, similar to what THe Hardys did back at WrestleMania 33.

Every impression I have is that he’s doing the Hardys thing where you show up on the day of the show. I mean he could show up tomorrow. We got two Raw’s left. Like The Hardys when they showed up on the day of the show at WrestleMania. I know that that’s been talked about.

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Alexa Bliss has been absent from WWE Raw since the Elimination Premium Live Event last month. One fan joked about her absence and was met with a very sharp reply from Bliss herself.

HA. GOOD ONE @S_W_F1992 !!! A CATERING JOKE!!!! Man, you GOT ME! 😂 sit down. Lol

During a recent edition of Smack Talk, former WWE Creative Team member and famed wrestling manager, Dutch Mantell discussed how he fears how WWE will handle Cody Rhodes’ re-emergence in the company. Credit to SportsKeeda for the below.

“This is what I fear. I fear Cody going there, and he’ll be a big deal one week, two weeks, and the third week he’s slack. Then the fourth week he’s fading into the background. By the sixth week, all the buzz is gone and he’s just another guy. That’s what I fear, because that’s what they have shown us as what they can do. Cody is not anywhere near the star his daddy was, I don’t think he’s anywhere near the star his brother was. Is he going to be Cody Rhodes? Is he going to have some kind of Starman gimmick? I think he’s a good addition but I don’t see him moving the needle at all.”

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