Cody Rhodes confirms new championship for AEW in the near future

AEW VP and #1 contender to Chris Jericho’s AEW World Championship, Cody Rhodes, sat down for a media call today. He went over the new AEW Top 5 Rankings which would debut today, Kevin Dunn, and what his father would think about AEW.



When asked whether or not All Elite Wrestling would get a mid-card title in the future, Rhodes teased something big in the near future. While there will more than likely be another title coming in the next month or so, he had a problem with the term “mid-card.” According to Rhodes, all titles should be equally important, and that’s how it is in AEW. You can check out the full quote below from Sportskeeda‘s Rick Ucchino.

“I get frustrated when I hear the term mid-card. I know that it exists. I do, and I’m someone who toiled in the mid-card myself… but as a talent, you never consider anything you’re doing mid-card. I didn’t consider my run with the Intercontinental Championship mid-card. I wanted it to be the best thing. I wanted it to rise above.”

Judging from this, we can assume we’ll hear a lot more about it on the post-Full Gear episode of Dynamite.

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