Cody Rhodes Gets AEW Star To Quit For WWE

Jade Cargill, the newly signed WWE Superstar, recently discussed her decision to leave All Elite Wrestling and reunite with Cody Rhodes in WWE during an interview on The Ringer Wrestling Show. When asked about the role Cody Rhodes played in her decision, Cargill acknowledged that he had a significant influence.



“He was top three and not third. He is a phenomenal man. I saw what the business did for him. I saw him being the stellar athlete that he is. And I didn’t see any different for myself. But he was one of the guys that, you know, helped make this a great decision.”

Cargill also spoke about the people at AEW whom she will miss, emphasizing the support and mentorship she received from various individuals. She mentioned Ricky Starks as her best friend in the business and listed other names like Billy Gunn, QT Marshall, Daniel Bryan, Dustin Rhodes, and Mark Henry, among others. Cargill expressed her gratitude for the support and well-wishes she received from these industry veterans who want to see her succeed.

She emphasized that these individuals have a track record of drawing audiences and generating interest in professional wrestling, which is crucial to her. Cargill reflected on the guidance she received from Cody Rhodes and how he helped her understand the unique dynamics of the wrestling industry, describing it as a different and challenging environment.

In summary, Jade Cargill’s decision to join WWE was influenced by Cody Rhodes and the support she received from her peers at AEW, all of whom want to see her succeed in her wrestling career.

“But I will say, Ricky Starks, Billy Gunn, QT Marshall. I love Daniel Bryan; great guy, sweet guy. One of the people who was a great mentor to me as well, Dustin Rhodes. It’s a lot of people over there that I’m gonna miss you know, at the end of the day, Mark Henry. But I will say that all the greats over there want to see me succeed.

“I have so many people who are great in this industry that reach out to me that want to succeed. And I appreciate everyone that does reach out to me and wants to see me succeed. These are people who put butts in seats. These are people who got people to pay top dollar to see them. That’s important to me, and I missed Cody Rhodes when he left.

“He’s one of the people who would talk to me and get me to understand the system because it’s not an easy system. It’s different than anything — it’s a different monster. It’s different than anything I’ve been a part of. So all the people that want to see me succeed, they gave me those congratulations.

“But they gave me the congratulations because they had something in their mind that something was up and all I said was thank you. But everybody wants to see me succeed. I’m gonna miss a lot of people over there. Yeah, I’m like really thinking about this right now. But a lot of people want to see me win. So I’m very thankful for those people.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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