Cody Rhodes Getting Removed From Raw After PPV?

In a highly anticipated matchup, Cody Rhodes is scheduled to go head-to-head with the formidable Brock Lesnar at WWE Night of Champions on May 27th. However, Rhodes finds himself facing this challenge with less than ideal circumstances. The American Nightmare suffered a scripted injury, believed to be a broken arm, during a recent episode of RAW, and this development has generated considerable attention and speculation within the wrestling community.



According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio, Cody might be forced to take a break of approximately eight weeks following the match, as a broken arm cannot be expected to heal instantaneously. This extended hiatus could be part of WWE’s plan to enhance the drama and realism surrounding Rhodes’ storyline, reminiscent of the build-up to his previous torn pec injury before Hell in a Cell. Despite winning that match against Seth Rollins, Rhodes subsequently took several months off to recuperate legitimately.

There is also the possibility that Cody Rhodes may utilize this injury angle to take some time off after Night of Champions, providing an opportunity to sell the injury effectively. However, it is worth noting that WWE might be reluctant to lose his presence during this time.

I know, and he’s the key guy, he’s the main event on these house shows and he’s the biggest drawing card that goes on the road right now. So, it is an interesting storyline, you’re right? Are they gonna keep him out for some time? My guy is that maybe it is a way for Brock to win the second match and Cody to save face, ‘oh he fought Brock with a broken arm,’ and they’re split at one win each and they can do another match down the line, or maybe they just make Cody into a big superhero.

Cody Rhodes currently holds a crucial position in the company, headlining house shows and serving as one of the most prominent drawing cards on the road. Consequently, the ongoing storyline surrounding his injury presents an intriguing dilemma.

Perhaps this serves as a way for Brock Lesnar to secure a victory in their second encounter while allowing Cody to save face, as fans could attribute his loss to the heroic effort of competing with a broken arm. This would leave the score tied at one win each, potentially paving the way for another match between the two down the line. Alternatively, WWE could choose to portray Cody Rhodes as a resilient and indomitable superhero.

It remains to be seen how WWE will navigate this situation and book Cody Rhodes accordingly. The company is striving to inject an element of reality into this angle, but its success hinges on granting Rhodes the necessary time to heal. Additionally, this injury could serve as a plausible reason for Rhodes to hold off on immediately pursuing the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship, further adding intrigue to his character’s trajectory. Fans eagerly await WWE’s creative decisions and the unfolding of this captivating storyline.

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