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Cody Rhodes has an epic response to ‘wrestling is fake’ talk

Cody Rhodes

Every wrestling fan has to deal with this situation multiple times in his life where someone tries to tell them that wrestling is fake and they have to explain that it’s not the case.

We all have to try and explain that this is a rhythmic sport with a predetermined outcome, but the current NWA Champion Cody Rhodes probably had the best response to it.

A fan recently got in a debate with the former WWE Star and he tried to shut Rhodes down by saying that wrestling is fake to which Cody had this epic response:

Cody has been making a lot of headlines lately not only because his work in the independent circuit but his dare to successfully hold the All In event as well.

He is also rumored to be involved with the All Elite Wrestling promotion, which many fans are already seeing as the alternative to WWE Programming.

  • Rajah

    I think the point is they are all playing characters. I give props to the wrestlers though, they get to do it once in front of an audience where as the actors can do it over and over again until they get it right.

  • Darrin Tyler

    That’s it? Not much of a come back. There is a huge difference between Hollywood and wrestling.

  • CC

    Ok the wording is cool, but it’s hardly an epic response. In fact it’s a similar response to how a lot of people explain wrestling. Hell, only a few nights ago I was chatting to someone in a chat room and she said “Why do you watch wrestling if it is all predetermined?”
    Myself and another guy pretty much both said the same thing, that the show is entertainment no different to any other fictional TV show or movie. I said “Robert Downey Jr doesn’t really fly around in a suit of armour” and the other guys said something about an actor in a TV show not actually being dead for real just because his character was.

    I think its a fairly standard response to compare wrestling to other forms of “acting”.
    The only difference being that in wrestling there is no CGI or stuntmen taking the falls.