Cody Rhodes on leaving WWE and possible return

Former ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes recently had an interview with by where among other things he also talked about his WWE departure.



Speaking about his position in the company before he left, Rhodes said that he did put all the efforts he could:

“I did make every effort I possibly could. It just was a matter of, no faith in me at a certain juncture turns around well you know what I don’t have faith in you guys either. But let’s not end on such a sour note.”

Though continuing on the topic he said that Rhodes and WWE have a wonderful history and you never know when he may go back to the company:

“It’s rather dramatic and seems sourer than it really is. It’s not; the Rhodes and WWE have a wonderful history. I’m glad they let me go, they are the house that built me and you never know I might be there again one day”

While Cody seems to be open to the idea of a possible WWE return, he is currently enjoying his tenure outside of the company and it doesn’t look very likely that he’ll go back there anytime soon

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