Cody Rhodes on a possible secondary title for AEW

While AEW has only crowned one champion till now, people have already started talking about the future of the company and a lot of them have been wondering about a secondary title in the promotion.



During a recent interview with IGN, company AVP Cody Rhodes talked about a number of things and he revealed that they have discussed a secondary title.

Cody hinted at the possible name for the mid-card title but went on to reveal that there are no exact plans for it right now and currently they are revolving around the AEW World Title belt:

“There’s a title we’re considering introducing and it’s something people can probably guess since we’re gonna be on TV hint hint, but there are no plans for it at this exact moment. Right now we revolve around the AEW Championship, and in DC we’re gonna be crowning the first AEW Women’s Champion and I love that belt. I don’t know if people can tell but up close that rose gold is layered into it. Brandi, Kenny, & Tony did a good job getting that title. With the winner there’s gonna be some guidelines laid out. Some guidelines about how they’re supposed to take care of it haha”

Cody Rhodes is currently set to challenge for the AEW World Title and face Chris Jericho for the belt at the company’s next PPV called Full Gear on November 9th.

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