Cody Rhodes on what he will do differently at All In 2

While it hasn’t officially been announced, all signs so far point towards the Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes thinking positively about doing another event similar to All In.



During the latest episode of The Jim Ross Report podcast, Cody talked about the show and revealed what he would do differently while planning All In 2.

According to the New NWA World Champion, he tried to do everything during the show and implied that next time he will be more focused on having a team for the various responsibilities:

I also learned I wanted to do every single thing with this show. I wanted to do payroll; I wanted to know elements of production; I wanted to know how many chairs were in the union catering room. Just, next time, I don’t need to know all that stuff. I also learned you are only as good as the team around you and we’ve discovered some new teammates over the course of [All In] weekend.

Apart from this, Cody also talked about his NWA title victory during the show and said that he would like to continue the tradition of being a traveling champion.

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