Cody Rhodes on whether AEW would be joint-promoted show

Cody Rhodes, the AEW Vice-President opened up on AEW’s joint venture in the future. He discussed the matter while speaking with



AEW gained popularity after their ‘All In’ event. The show saw talents from different promotions- Ring of Honor, NWA, and NJPW. However, Cody Rhodes spoke about the future plans.

Cody Rhodes reveals AEW would be an individual promotion

‘The American Nightmare’ said they don’t have any plans of running AEW with any other promotion and it will continue its run as an individual promotion.

He said:

“I think you’ll never see a full-scale, like, joint-promoted show [between AEW and another promotion]. We have too much pride in our individual brand. But in terms of the relationships, we’re never closing the doors and we’re never going to pull up the bridges.”

He continued:

“I laughed when I heard people talking about a working relationship with New Japan because clearly it already exists.Jon Moxley has been on New Japan, Chris Jericho has been on New Japan. It already exists, the working relationship. The NWA [owner] Billy [Corgan] and Tony Khan are in contact, Thunder Rosa’s the prime example of that. … I loved seeing Tanahashi on TV last week. He’s somebody I really wanted to get in the ring with one time as far as singles and never got the opportunity — and who knows? That might be something that can happen in the future. But our doors are open, our bridges are down.”

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