Cody Rhodes posts encouraging tweet about Tye Dillinger

Last night, Tye Dillinger revealed that he had asked for his release from the WWE. Dillinger had only positive things to say about his experience with the company and thanked them and the wrestlers he had a chance to work with over the years. Since the announcement, many of his colleagues have been posting sincere and heartfelt messages to the Perfect 10 on social media.



One such man was Executive VP of ALl Elite Wrestling, Cody Rhodes. Rhodes called Dillinger “fearless” and encouraged him not to settle.

Rhodes has spoken highly of Dillinger in the past, considering him to be a gifted talent and an overall good person.

With Dillinger looking to take his talents elsewhere, the obvious assumption will be that he’ll attempt to join All Elite Wrestling. However, with Impact Wrestling constantly improving and Ring of Honor looking to reload their roster after the exodus of the Elite, Dillinger is left with a lot of choices.

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