Cody Rhodes Sad New Look Angers Brandi

Cody Rhodes set the professional wrestling and sports entertainment landscape on fire with news of his departure from All Elite Wrestling. What’s more, his impending debut with WWE has the WWE Universe and fans of all ages talking for quite some time as it has been hard to believe that the man that once started the ‘Revolution’ is now apparently going back to where he came from.



The former AEW EVP Cody Rhodes and former Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes recently left the company for a painful reason. It has been speculated that WWE could be their next destination and they could even work WrestleMania 38. Amid all the speculations, ‘The American Nightmare’ took to his Instagram story section and shared a recent change in him.

He spoke about the change in his facial hair as he revealed sporting an ‘amazing’ goatee. Rhodes believes it has a vibe comparable to the American actor and producer, Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ). To his disappointment, Brandi disagrees, leaving him confused.

You can check out the screengrab below:

Jim Ross opens up on Cody Rhodes departure from AEW

During an AdFreeShows exclusive interview with Jim Ross, the AEW commentator spoke about the recent news that Cody Rhodes has departed from AEW.

“I hope that he does well, I’m assuming he’s going to WWE but I don’t know, haven’t talked to him. ” Ross said. “Things change, life is that way and I just hope he does well and I’m sure if he’s going to WWE, where else would he go after leaving AEW, that he’ll do some wrestling and probably do some administrative work. Talented kid, I’ve known him since he was born and I just hope he does well and he’s happy. Being happy is really important.”

It was also reported that Rhodes is set to visit the WWE Performance Center this week to film footage for his return. With WrestleMania 38 nearing on, we will have to see if he decides to make a return to the company.

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