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Cody Rhodes says that former WWE Intercontinental Champion will not work for AEW

Cody Rhodes AEW

  • Rinn13

    1. Science does not “allow gender transition”, all that it has done, is allow for (grotesque and unhealthy) plastic surgery, and chemical hormone treatments.

    2. Gender Dysphoria, the root of people feeling they are “trans”, is a mental illness. Regardless of how certain public pressures have pushed the medical industry to stop publicly labeling it as such, that doesn’t change that it is. Simply put, it is not really different from things like schizophrenia and Dissociative identity disorder etc. It is a mental delusion. If someone believes that he is Abraham Lincoln, that is a mental delusion, that is unhealthy and psychiatric professionals work to convince the patient that they are NOT, in fact, someone else. If someone thinks they are actually a tiger, or a dragon, or a shark, or a robot, or a space alien, they would likewise be considered delusional, mentally ill, and be given the same treatment and help, to help them realize that no, they are NOT any of those things.

    If someone felt they were “Trans Black”, but are clearly white, for example, is society going to be encouraged to coddle them and reinforce their delusion, even though everyone can clearly see they are NOT black? No. They would be considered delusional, and people would tell them they weren’t really black. If someone, a pedophile for example, claimed that he was “Trans Age”, and tried to use that as a legitimate excuse for being attracted to children, because in his mind he ALSO is a child, is society going to be encouraged to tell him “Yeah dude, you’re right, if you FEEL like a child, then you must be, so perv away!” No. They would either be considered mentally ill, or a liar, or both, and people would NOT support their alleged belief that they’re a kid, so being attracted to kids is OK. If someone considered themselves, as a silly example, “Trans Wealth”, IE they are poor but they FEEL inside as if they are actually a billionaire…is society then obligated to assist their delusion, but helping them get rich? Hell no. They’d probably be laughed at, and at the least, would be considered mentally ill. There are MANY such examples or hypotheticals that could be brought up. But the bottom line is, that someone feeling they are a different gender, IS at the end of the day a mental illness, it IS 100% a delusion, and the only reason professionals have backed away from saying so, is because they have been socially pressured to, by people pushing an agenda that says being “Trans” is a real thing, even though ACTUAL hard science says otherwise, if people were being honest.

    3. It is physically, scientifically, biologically impossible to “transition” from one gender to another. All one can possibly accomplish, is to have their genitals and/or breasts mutilated/removed, and be altered by plastic surgery and hormones, to look MORE like the other gender, on a purely surface, superficial level. A man who “transitions” into being a so-called woman, is still a man. 100% of his chromosomes, are male. His skeleton, is male. His muscles, are male. His skin, hair, eyes/senses, his blood, the way his organs work, ALL things that have slight differences due to sex/gender, are STILL male. He is, in the most literal sense possible, still a man, pretending real hard to be a woman, and that’s all he’ll ever be. People who “transition” are sterilizing themselves from being able to have children of their own. They are permanently mutilating and altering their bodies for little or not actual practical gain. It’s all to help keep up a delusional pretense, that everyone else is expected to assist with, which is absurd. A “Trans Woman” then gets upset, miserable and depressed, because *GASP*, straight men aren’t attracted to “her”, and don’t want “her”. Why? Because straight men are attracted, by nature, to biological (see: actual) women, NOT men who get plastic surgery. In MOST cases, gay/bi men are ALSO not attracted to them, because they are attracted to biological MEN, with all of their manly business still intact. The same goes for the (FAR more rare) “Trans-Men”.

    These people are miserable to begin with, because they “feel” they are the opposite gender. Then they (sometimes at taxpayer’s expense), alter themselves to try and feel MORE like that other gender. But they aren’t, and no matter how much people play mental gymnastics and word trickery to reinforce the delusion….it’s STILL a delusion, and privately everyone (with more than two brain cells) knows this. Out of ALL the “woke” people who are super duper “Pro Trans”, I guarantee you that VERY few of them would ever actually be attracted to or want to date/marry a Trans person themselves. Why? Because it just isn’t natural. It’s a weird, uncanny valley thing going on, something you notice on a primal level that turns MOST people off, by nature. That’s how we’re designed. So while not EVERYTHING is about relationships, they are putting themselves in a position to be MORE alone and angry and depressed etc., than they were to begin with. It’s a no win situation, with the current “transition as treatment” state of things. If there is a way to treat people who believe they are other people (or things) that they clearly aren’t, then there is a way to treat people who think they’re the opposite gender. And until psychiatric practice goes back to being HONEST about that, you’re going to have entire generations of poor, messed up “Trans” people, who are never going to be happy, or whole, because plastic surgery and hormones are not a “cure” for anything.

  • Wicka Steve

    You can’t change genetics, and that’s what decides gender. “Transgenderism” is a delusion. I wish you had enough respect for people to care about their mental health instead of telling them what they want to hear. I guess you’re just not that progressive.

  • Luke

    Science is the thing that has allowed gender transition for a long time now. Maybe you should grow up or at least have a google.

  • Wicka Steve

    I guess Cody is a snowflake who can’t accept science because it hurts some people’s feelings. Grow up, child.

  • Rinn13

    1. I can’t speak for whatever else Venis may have said, but the quoted statement, that a biological MAN, won their Women’s Title, is not wrong, and it certainly isn’t derogatory. If someone had believed they were black, when they were clearly not, it would not, in any intelligent way, be derogatory to point out “Dude, you’re not black”. This is no different, at all. AEW literally does have a man, currently holding their Women’s Championship. Regardless of how else you feel or think about the issue, that is scientifically irrefutable, and we really, as a society, need to stop this garbage of calling people “bigots” for pointing out hard science fact. This “Emperor’s New Clothes” bit is starting to get really old. How ignorant and idiotic are people expected to act, just to help enforce a tiny fraction of the population’s personal feelings?

    2. Don’t kid yourself Cody, AEW wasn’t ever going to book Venis anyway. Why would you, even if he WASN’T talking smack?

    3. Cody…if you can honestly look someone in the eye, with a straight face, and tell them that NYLA is the “best woman we have on our roster”… have serious issues. Disregarding that he isn’t a woman, firstly, that’s flat out WRONG, you have at least a few exceptionally GOOD (actual) female talent on your roster, and you saying that is a slap right in their faces. And secondly, if you TRULY believe that nonsense statement of yours, that this person is THE BEST “woman” on your roster? Then your women’s division needs serious work. Because he sucks in the ring, full stop.

  • Rinn13

    You’re not wrong, his gimmick WAS dumb, as was most of stuff from the “Attitude Era”. BUT, he also isn’t wrong in his statement.

  • Stumpy

    Nyla Rose is a dude. You can’t change DNA. Putting the Women’s Championship on him is like putting it on Santina Morello. Still a dude, just in drag.

  • Anonymous

    Good, keep this irrelevant has been out of the promotion. He is a dumb gimmick from a dumb era of wrestling. And Disco Inferno was way better as a gimmick and as a performer in the ring.