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Cody Rhodes says WWE was a “fun job” but wasn’t wrestling

Cody Rhodes All Elite Wrestling AEW Rally

It’s been revealed that All Elite Wrestling will launch on TNT later on this fall. The company will bring weekly live wrestling to its audience, and they hope to give wrestling fans a different kind of product. Cody Rhodes recently spoke with Variety about what he believes AEW can be and why it will be different from the WWE.

For many years throughout my youth and plenty of other fans youths, pro wrestling has been essentially just one company, and that’s not really the case. I want to be the sports-centric alternative in the pro wrestling world, and I think we’re on a good path to get there.

WWE has been criticized many times for their product, with many feeling that the company has a strong roster but they don’t know how to utilize it properly. One example of this has been the rivalry between the Usos and the Revival, two of the best tag teams in the world. Instead of focusing on their strengths in-ring, WWE has turned the Usos into pranksters, picking on Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, giving us segments which saw them shaving each other and scooting across the floor like dogs.

The company’s “entertainment” side is what many blame for the American Nightmare leaving them back in 2016, as he wanted to drop the Stardust character completely and become Cody Rhodes once again. The former NWA Champion said that he wanted to focus on the idea of being more focused on the sport of professional wrestling than the “entertainment” and stated that, while he enjoyed working with the WWE, it wasn’t what he would call wrestling.

As much as I say it was a wonderful job, it wasn’t wrestling. That’s something I’ve learned a lot about, the grittiness and the sports-centric element of the industry that doesn’t exist really anywhere else currently. We have the opportunity to seize that.

With AEW now locked in with TNT, all they have to do now is prove why fans need to tune in. They look to do just that with their first official show, Double or Nothing, on May 25th.

  • Soulshroude

    This just in: Cody Rhodes has burned his bridge with the WWe.

  • Robert

    Love what you wrote. Thing that separates AEW from the other companies with TV deals is they now have a BIG NETWORK behind them. Not like the crappy TV stations the others have. When I used to watch tna. It was hard to find what channels they were on. If Impact can survive all the stuff they went through. Aew will last a long time. I think if they actually start to compete number wise with wwe. Vince will have to let HHH take control or they will be in for a long and grueling war.

  • BB

    AEW forming and finally starting up really does have me curious. I know there’s other wrestling companies out there with tv deals but none of them have really been able to compete with WWE, despite them being good alternatives (except for Impact). But let’s just say for the fun of it that AEW does rise in popularity over the next couple years, it does become popular like WCW did way back in the day, another war does form; I’m curious as to what will happen with Vince McMahon.

    I think every wrestling fan can pretty much unanimously agree that Vince is nowhere near the Vince of old and needs to relinquish control to Triple H*, but will he? Would he ever hand that position over to somebody else and let someone else call the shots or is he too stubborn? He beat WCW once, would he think in his senile head that he’ll be able to beat AEW, too? He thinks he knows what the fans want but he doesn’t. What if he decides not to relinquish control and takes WWE down with him because it’s his baby? I know Vince is a smart business man but I think there’s gotta be a certain amount of stubbornness that goes along with that, too. I would just hate to see WWE crash and burn because of Vince McMahon and his “final say” creative control somewhere in the future.

    HHH has done a great job with NXT and I feel like he’s the only one (with maybe a sprinkle of healthy competition from an AEW, etc. to get them motivated) to truly save WWE at this point and bring it back from this funk that it’s in.

    *It’s basically just HHH that’s being groomed for Vince’s position, right? Or is there someone else that I’m not aware of?