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Cody Rhodes seemingly debunks rumours of him and the Elite heading to WWE

Cody Rhodes

ALL IN is now over and it was a phenomenal show and a huge success. After the magnificent was over, the entire cast of Being the Elite came out and thanked the audience for coming. Cody Rhodes took the mic and subtly answered a question that everyone has been asking him lately.

As of late, several rumours and reports have surfaced online suggesting that the band is headed to the WWE together. However, after the event, Rhodes got in the ring and seemingly debunked these rumours. Rhodes took shots at the WWE saying that no single entity owns pro-wrestling and that he and the band are going to stick together.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Honestly, I loved the show, but I feel like a lot of people gave it a huge free pass for a bunch of stuff that they’d bury WWE for.

  • CC

    I know right. With the exception of maybe CM Punk, whenever you see anyone deny rumours of them being in talks to go to or back to WWE, you know that the statement could just as easily be a lie as it is truth.

  • CC

    The commentary was probably the biggest low spot for me as it was awful.
    And it got even worse when they had Taniel and that other female wrestler (I forget her name) during the womens match.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I mean… on top of that, too, a lot of the matches had no build, one of the commentators kept calling moves by the wrong names, and the guy booking the show put himself in the title match, and his friends in all the main event slots, so it ticked some boxes WWE has managed to avoid for a few years.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Why even report this, though?
    When was the last time a wrestler was like, “Oh, yeah, we’re definitely going to WWE next year”.

    Every wrestler ever always denies it until they either show up there, or have an obvious “farewell show” on the indies, or they never go there.

    Basically, every indy wrestler is going to say “I’m not going to WWE” no matter if they are, or not, so it’s hardly newsworthy.

  • CC

    I thought this was a really good show, but what was kinda ironic about it is it did nearly all the things that people complain about with WWE PPV’s. It went too long (4 hours main show plus pre show), something fans constantly complain about with WWE. It only had one match with any real consequence (the NWA title match) and it was put early on the card (remember people losing their minds over AJ Styles having his title match early on the card).

    It had bad comedy (the Joey Ryan bit).
    It had a celebrity in a wrestling match (granted he did a good job).
    It had random guest appearances.
    The last match felt rushed.

    The quality of the wrestling was better, and it lacked promos, so overall it was much better than most WWE shows, but I just found it funny that it specifically did the things that people complain about.