Cody Rhodes Spoils Big WWE Survivor Series Return

Cody Rhodes appeared to spoil Randy Orton returning at WWE Survivor Series after Raw went off the air.



The recent wave of WWE releases following the TKO merger has drawn attention to the comments made by former WWE Superstar Rick Boogs. Boogs had claimed that his departure from WWE was the result of a “backstage political power play,” hinting at a grudge held against him. He also mentioned the removal of Vince McMahon as a factor in his career’s downturn.

Boogs further elaborated on his exit in the comments section of a YouTube video, asserting that despite being considered an ideal WWE star by many in the corporate side of the company due to his size, appearance, and personality, one person seemed to hold a grudge against him.

Ringside News attempted to verify these claims and spoke with a tenured member of the WWE team, who expressed disbelief at Boogs’ statements, likening them to something that former WWE Superstar Ryback might say and characterizing them as “stupid and delusional.” The source also noted that the comments seemed so outlandish that they initially thought Boogs might have been hacked.

While Rick Boogs may have expressed frustration about his WWE release, there was no indication that he had completely burned his bridge with the company. Reports had already suggested that WWE might consider rehiring some of the individuals they released recently. However, if Boogs hopes to remain in consideration for a potential return, he may need to exercise caution and refrain from making controversial comments.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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