Cody Rhodes Spotted With AEW Female Star

Cody Rhodes attended the wedding of AEW stars Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti, as seen in a photo posted by Tay Conti below.



Cody Rhodes has crossed over with success on reality television, but John Cena and The Rock are WWE’s two greatest crossover stars.

John Cena and The Rock are two of the biggest names not only in WWE but also Hollywood.  They have squared off inside the ring at consecutive WrestleMania events and had some great wrestling on display. Cena followed a similar career path to that of ‘The Great One’ and he credits the latter for his success.

John Cena reveals the advice form The Rock

‘The Cenation Leader’ drew inspiration from Rock and the former received one of the best pieces of advice ever. The 16-time world champion recently took part in a Q&A at Comic-Con Wales. He was asked if he has ever received any advice from The People’s champion. Replying to it, Cena revealed a very simple piece of advice that did wonders for him.

“He is one of the reasons I have life outside the WWE. He gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever been given. I remember I got an audition for a small part in a movie called Train Wreck.” recalled John Cena, “There was a pretty thorough audition process, and I was very nervous. Because I’ve never been through that before.”

John Cena was looking to follow in The Rock’s footsteps by crossing over from WWE to Hollywood. The Rock, who is currently one of the biggest movie stars in the world, told Cena to look within himself for the key to success. Years later, here is Cena with all the success in his career:

“I was able to ask him, ‘Hey man, do you have any advice?’ He said, ‘They asked you there for a reason dude, just be yourself.’ He, in that one sentence, allowed me to calm down. Allowed me to be myself, which I’m really a goofball. And they allowed me to do that on screen. Naked. He’s the reason I’m here.”

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