Cody Rhodes Stunned After Racism At WWE Show

Cody Rhodes has always been known for his genuine connection with WWE fans, and he recently demonstrated his commitment to supporting them in times of need. In a recent incident, he reached out to a fan who experienced racist attacks and mistreatment at a WWE UK live event.



The fan described a distressing series of events on Twitter, detailing how she was forced to sit in the second row despite paying for front-row seats, and how she faced racist attacks and verbal abuse from a drunk woman. Despite alerting the event staff, no meaningful action was taken to address her concerns. She described feeling overwhelmed and experiencing multiple panic attacks during the event.

Cody Rhodes, known for his friendly approach to fan interactions, responded with compassion and a desire to make things right. He took to Twitter to apologize to the fan for her unpleasant experience and offered to send her some WWE merchandise as a token of support. Rhodes asked for her mailing address to send these goods and expressed regret over the incident.

“I booked my tickets in November and specifically selected the first row as I’m short and can’t see otherwise. It’s no one else’s job to accommodate my height but me. I paid extra for this. When I arrived, I was in the second row from front with a magic AA row just appearing. Rightfully so I was upset about this as I PAID to be in front row, and if more tickets are added, they should be added behind not in front without informing the individual in the front row. I calmly and politely explained this to a staff and they said there’s nothing they can do despite there being free seats front row and me not being able to say shit which isn’t ‘their problem’. I was stuck behind a 6’3 “geezer, so I couldn’t see the show at all. There was also a snobby drunk woman 2 row to the left in front of me who kept making snarly comments at me and bullying me. I have every right to be upset about the situation,and I have every right to speak during the show without being shushed by a drunk woman. She got into my face all throughout the night screaming things like ‘go back to your s*** hole,’ ‘stop causing trouble,’ ‘no one wants to hear you, disgusting piece of s*** ,’ and many more.

The staff witnessed and heard this but did nothing about it. I broke down into tears and had multiple panic attacks during the event as I felt very overwhelmed by the situation. The staff again saw this but did nothing. During the main event during Cody’s entrance, I stood on my chair as it was the only way I was going to see, and no one was going to help me. I got pushed by fans behind me because they couldn’t see, but it wasn’t an issue when I couldn’t see the whole time. This staff member ran faster than Usain Bolt when I got on my chair and started screaming and verbally abusing me. I directly told him it’s not my problem if people couldn’t see the way he did to me, but I got kicked out of the arena. The drunk woman continued to keep shushing me, and I bite back and said, ‘Don’t tell me what to do,’ and she replied: ‘Or what?’ and came to attack me. The staff did nothing. I made a formal complaint until 1 am to the O2 about this, and now it’s under investigation.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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