Cody Rhodes talks about AEW having issues booking venues owing to WWE loyalty

AEW will be hosting their first show in the New York Area. It will be held at New Jersey’s Prudential Center on March 25th. It was difficult finding a venue owing to WWE blocking a few of them.



Cody Rhodes spoke to Busted Open Radio, where he said that he did not go to the site survey for the Prudential Center. He knew that site as it was the place where he had his only WWE pay-per-view main event match.

It is difficult in general for AEW to book venues, particularly on the East Coast. This is due to WWE roots running deep in venues, which make it harder for AEW to host venues for Dynamite.

“I’m looking forward to the Prudential Center. It’s a wonderful building. I was involved in some of the WWE events that were there. I was involved with Hell In a Cell there. Actually that was my only pay-per-view main event ever with WWE. But the building itself? I didn’t even go to that site survey.”

“I know that building well enough. I’m beyond excited to be in the New Jersey and the New York area.”

“It’s not easy. As you guys know, in some of those buildings they’ve got long standing history [with WWE], there’s a lot of loyalty elements. There’s a lot of young men and women that want it in the offices. And a lot of old men and women who are you know; trepidatious about this wild disruptive wrestling company coming in. They [the younger generation] were the ones who said ‘no this is great. We’ve seen what they’re doing in these other venues. They’re filling them up and we want them.’ That first show is going to be…It’s going to be gangbusters.”

AEW Dynamite was recently extended till 2023, so it is not going anywhere. Hopefully, more venues will be open to AEW in the future.

h/t to SE Scoops for the transcription.

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