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Cody Rhodes teases another WCW themed event

Cody Rhodes

After successfully reviving the Bash At The Beach name for an event earlier this year, people have been wondering if we will see more WCW themed events from Cody Rhodes and AEW.

During a recent media call, Cody was asked about potentially holding more WCW themed events. He first said that it’s unlikely that we will see many more of such shows but he then teased one more such special:

“I have a good deal of trademarks to my name. Some of them are former WCW events but I’d say it’s unlikely you’d see many more of those. Maybe one, wink, wink, wink,”

Rhodes continued by saying that it’s more fun to come up with their own stuff and explained that the trademarks he has acquired are more about protecting the legacy of his father Dustin.

“I continue to trademark things that my dad had a hand in creating but that’s more about protecting his legacy for his mother. She controls his estate and everything goes to her. There’s no money to me or Dustin. Maybe you’ll see one, and I’m winking heavily, but I don’t know about Bash of the Beach or the others.”

Apart from this, Cody Rhodes also talked about the creative process of AEW and revealed that there haven’t been any changes to the creative group since the launch of their company.

For those who don’t know, WWE originally owned the trademark for Bash At The Beach and other WCW events but they let it expire last year.

Seeing the opportunity, Cody Rhodes filled an application and he managed to trademark several WCW event names such as Bunkhouse Stampede, Battlebowl, SuperBrawl and Slamboree.