Cody Rhodes Teases Big Show ‘Conning’ AEW

One professional wrestling fan took to social media via Twitter to laugh it up with a very simple ‘LOL’ over former TNT Champion, Cody Rhodes liking a sarcastic tweet talking about the intentions of All Elite Wrestling signing Paul Wight, the former Big Show in WWE. Could it be part of a Cody and Big Show AEW storyline? We’ll have to see! The tweet read: “Big Show signing with AEW is a long con to get revenge on Cody for the time Show lost the Intercontinental title in a tables match when he stepped through a table.” You can view the tweet below. This Huge Big Show AEW match rumor was just revealed.



In other news revolving both Cody Rhodes and Paul Wight, the Executive Vice President of All Elite Wrestling took to social media via Instagram to nip in the bud what would be a running doubt around many professional wrestling enthusiasts around the world – the question of whether or not Paul Wight would be a babyface or a heel in All Elite Wrestling, a call back to his infamous and numerous amount of turns as a member of WWE in the past.

Rhodes wrote the following on his social media account: “When I entered my first entitled-grizzled young vet phase(usually happens at the 2yr – 5yr – 7yr point), Big G gave me the reality check I sorely needed. I boldly told him I didn’t want to do comedy in our matches anymore, and he gently put his hand on my knee and said…”cool, then go get over please”. When I left WWE back in 2016…I blindly flew to Hollywood for a series of general meetings, the most important/prolific of which was set up by Big G. He’s many many things besides being one of the greatest wrestlers to ever do it, the most important to me…his value as a true and credible leader. A great model for all of us in AEW. Welcome @paulwight – oh…and he’s a damn babyface!” Big Show recently quit WWE after this ‘disrespect’ by Randy Orton.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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