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Cody Rhodes vs Goldust confirmed for Double or Nothing

For months there were speculations regarding Goldust leaving WWE for AEW in order to help out his brother Cody Rhodes. While he has denied reports for so long, it seems he really is leaving the company.

On the latest episode of Road To Double Or Nothing it was officially announced that Goldust will be facing off against his brother Cody Rhodes at Double or Nothing.

This is a huge deal as it confirms that Dustin Rhodes will be involved with AEW in one way or the other. There is also a chance of him being used in a role backstage instead of being an active competitor.

While this match couldn’t happen in WWE, it’s finally taking place in an AEW ring. AEW Double or Nothing will be taking place┬áin Las Vegas on May 25th.

  • Darrin Tyler

    he owns the rights to Goldust? I wasnt aware of that

  • kamalas leg

    guess you forgot about fastlane….. you’re a writer on a wrestling site and don’t know basic history of characters you’re writing about… pathetic

  • CC

    Its not really trolling though. What Jericho does is trolling. What Runnels does is actually really aggressive in his approach.

    Also, some of his posts are damn near depressing.

  • Rinn13

    He has always trolled on social media. Nothing new, and pretty funny.

  • CC

    Dustin is a strange one for sure. When the dirt sheets said he had asked for his release from WWE or his contract was up (I can’t remember which it was) he responded in his usual way of insulting people and saying they were talking out of their butts. Then this happens.
    I get that maybe he wanted to keep it all quiet until his time with WWE was officially up, but the way he reacted kinda makes him look like a tool. He could have just brushed it off, but he got defensive as hell.
    Now those people saying he was leaving WWE have been proved right, it just ends up painting Dustin as a bit of a nut job.

  • gar216

    As Goldust???