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Cody says Triple H congratulated him for winning the ROH World Title

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Like father like son. Dusty too did not make his name in the WWE it was in WCW. But I do think we have not seen the last of Cody in the WWE. But not until HHH is in charge which I think will happen in 2020 when the XFL start up. I believe HHH will be retire from in ring wrestling and will be in full control of the WWE.

  • CC

    He has proved with creative control, he can carve out an interesting and engaging character.
    He has said though in the past that while WWE gave him some pretty lame characters, he could have done more to make them interesting, and accepts that he is as much to blame for his lack of depth and success in WWE.
    If he does ever go back, I am sure that he would not be so accepting of angles he dislikes and would give a lot more input into characters and matches. He would not have to be awkward or difficult to work with, just be more vocal. Kind of like Jericho is.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I agree. I however did enjoy his inring work, but also thought he was a bland character. Stardust was cool at first, but then fell flat, fairly quickly. It’s fantastic how far hes come outside the WWE and I’m sure hell continue to grow and dominate. He’ll be back in the WWE eventually, I think. Especially with Hunter gaining more and more traction with his power. Eventually hes going to be able to talk Vince into chilling out or going with a certain idea.

  • CC

    I was never the biggest fan of his in WWE as I always found him a bit bland as a character, but since leaving WWE I have gained so much respect for Cody. Here is a guy who was unhappy with his position in WWE, so asked for his release. Then after leaving, instead of bad mouthing them constantly like so many do (Ryback springs to mind here), he is always complimentary of them and even says that his position in WWE was just as much his fault as it was WWE’s.
    The guy is a true professional and is truly his fathers son.

    There is absolutely no reason for him to keep WWE on side as he as proved he does not need to go back there, so it is not about him sucking up in case he needs to go back. So you know he is genuine.