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Cody talks about the mutual respect he shares with his brother Dustin Rhodes

‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes has certainly impressed everyone ever since he joined AEW. The former Intercontinental Champion might be 50 years old, but he has proven time and again that he can still hang inside the ring with Superstars half his age.

Cody and Dustin had a spectacular match at Double or Nothing – a match, many feel deserves to be the Match of the Year. While Cody is currently involved in a feud with MJF, Dustin Rhodes had joined forces with The Young Bucks to take on The Inner Circle.

While speaking to  The Dallas Morning News, Cody talked about a variety of topics including his elder brother Dustin Rhodes and the mutual respect the two have for each other:

I think it’s fate that we ended up working together like this. He has some real respect for me, and I have an unlimited respect for my brother, an endless amount. So, it’s almost emotional every week to see what he’s able to bring to the table, and I’m glad he can be here with us and I’m glad he’s doing so well.


  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Hahaha yea, I watched Impact for the 1st time in like 5yrs cuz HBK & RVD were my guys in the 90’s. So I tuned in to check it out, but I haven’t been impressed by Rob since maybe 2011.

    Oh and that crazy looking chick with him is his new wife, yeesh!

  • Daniel LaDue

    That is hilarious that you mentioned RVD. I haven’t seen him or Impact in years, but it was randomly on my TV the other day and it was disturbing. RVD comes out with this prostitute looking girl, that is shaking her butt implants. Then he has a very sad match. Can barely move and perform his normal maneuvers. He was sweating up a storm after 3 minutes, and clearly looked out of shape… My gf asked me who I was watching, and I said, “The guy that used to be Rob Van Dam” … Dustin has aged well, looks well, and can still move.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Yeah I’m happy they get to work together and FINALLY got their match (which they knocked outta the park).

    Its amazing that Dustin (at 50) can still go like its ’95 but other guys like RVD are a shadow of their former-selves. Of course RVD could run circles around Dustin back then, but that high flying style must take more of a toll on the body… That, plus speed & agility are the 1st things an athlete usually loses

  • Daniel LaDue

    Kind of a weak story for an article, but I do love the fact they get to be together at this stage. I am very familiar what it’s like to have half siblings that you don’t grow up with. These guys won the game.